The Bethany Group Centennial


We are extremely proud of our organization's ability to foster Caring Communities for 100 years, from humble beginnings in Bawlf, to now serving 30 communities in Alberta, we couldn't have done it without the supports of our clients, residents, employees, and volunteers. 


If you are interested in learning more about Bethany's history, please take a look at this historical photobook:

The Bethany Group Historical Photo Book 

Please note that while you are able to purchase a historical photobook through this link, it will be cheaper for you to order it through us. Call 780-679-2000 for more information.

Or this historical archive website:


Upcoming Events:

August: at the end of the month we are sealing a time capsule in honour of our centennial! The time capsule will be opened in 25 years.

October: We are hosting a marquee event to honour our Centennial and we are celebrating "Bethany Week"

November: back for the first time since 2019 is our Faith and Aging Conference! 

Pictured below are photos from our Open House that we hosted for Seniors' Week, and our award winning BVJ Parade float complete with a 100th birthday cake!