Rosehaven Provincial Program and Education Services

The Rosehaven Provincial Program was operated directly by Alberta Health from 1952 until 1992, when responsibility was transferred to The Bethany Group. The Rosehaven Provincial Program was designated a provincial resource to the continuing care system.

The Rosehaven Provincial Program provides specialized outreach and inpatient services to support people who have behaviours that are difficult to manage in their current settings. These services are available to anyone who is receiving, or is eligible to receive, continuing care services in the Home Living, Supportive Living, and Facility Living streams, anywhere in the province.

These settings generally do not have the capacity or the trained staff to handle difficult behaviours.

The program is based in Camrose and has a highly trained interdisciplinary team who deliver support throughout the two services:

The overall goal is to assist continuing care health providers to manage the behaviours within the current care settings.

If people are assessed as needing the support of the In-House treatment program, it is the intent that they will be able to return back to their home community within the shortest time possible. For more information about the In-House Program, please see below or download an  information brochure . If you are interested in viewing the current menu for the Rosehaven Provincial Program clients, please  click here.


Outreach Education

Outreach Education provides no-fee education sessions for staff in all three streams of the Continuing Care System. Thirty-five modules have been developed for face-to-face and/or webinar. Examples include: ABCs of Behaviour Management, Common Forms of Dementia, Creating a Therapeutic Relationship, Depression in the Elderly, Retrogenesis and Schizophrenia. Several Modules have been developed in a self study format.

In recognition of the need for education for regulated health care professionals and the need for supporting transfer of knowledge, the P.I.E.C.E.S program, developed in Ontario, was modified to better fit within the Alberta context.

For additional information, please see Outreach Education.

For more information please contact:

Outreach Administrative Support
Phone: 780-679-2012

In House Program

The Rosehaven Provincial Program is a specialized short stay program for clients currently receiving, or eligible to receive, services from any of the three streams of Continuing Care in the province of Alberta. These clients have disruptive behaviours, usually related to cognitive impairment or psychiatric diagnosis that are not able to be managed in their current setting.

A referral is submitted to the Rosehaven Provincial Program through the Admission and Discharge Planner/Social Worker. The Admission and Discharge Planner reviews the referral with the Resident Care Manager and Psychiatrist. The Psychiatrist reviews the information included in the referral to identify the client's eligibility for continuing care services, the type and severity of behaviour the client is experiencing, the diagnosis of the client, and the client's decision-making ability. This helps the Psychiatrist to determine if the resources provided by the Rosehaven Provincial Program can affect a positive result for the client being referred.

Admission Criteria

For admission an individual:

  • must be eligible for continuing care services
  • must have disruptive, unmanageable behaviours
  • must have a diagnosis that may include but is not limited to:
    - dementia with mood, psychosis, or behavioral disorder
    - mood disorders major depression, bipolar disorder
    - psychosis schizophrenia, paranoid delusional disorder
  • must have a legal proxy decision maker where necessary

For admission a referring site:

  • must have accessed all available resources within their own region/zone
  • must have Management approval prior to referring to the Rosehaven Provincial Program
  • must agree to hold a continuing care bed (for clients in that setting) during the short stay assessment and treatment process
  • must indicate agreement to integrate the individual into regional placement options upon discharge from the Rosehaven Provincial Program

An individual will not be admitted if he/she:

  • is in the acute phase of either their physical illness or mental disorder that will no longer benefit from treatment
  • is repeatedly violent or aggressive, requiring extraordinary measures which are beyond the resources of the Rosehaven Provincial Program to manage
  • requires care or behaviour management related to head trauma or developmental delay
  • is certified under the Mental Health Act

The goal of the interdisciplinary team, for each client admitted, is to assess, treat, and develop a comprehensive care plan prior to discharging the client to the most appropriate continuing care setting. Once a manageable care plan has been established, the discharge order is written and a discharge package is forwarded to Placement. Support from the Rosehaven Provincial Program is available to the receiving site at the time of discharge and for three months following to enable successful discharge.


The client pays the set accommodation fee which includes medications and personal care supplies as identified by Alberta Health Services Continuing Care Standards.

If required, subsidies are available through the enhanced Alberta Seniors Benefit or through AISH (Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped)

Care Team

The interdisciplinary care team consists of:





Medical Service



Occupational Therapy

Chaplaincy Services

Recreational Therapy

Social Work


Service provision by the interdisciplinary team includes opportunities to collaborate with continuing care providers throughout Alberta.

For more information please contact:

Resident Care Manager
Phone: 780-679-3038