Celebrating our Long Service Staff and Retirees

Posted on May 17, 2016

Each year, The Bethany Group holds a dinner and ceremony to honour its recent retirees and staff who have worked with the organization for many years. It was a night to celebrate their achievements and dedication to enhancing the lives of our residents and clients. We are always impressed with the commitment our staff make to bettering the organization and providing care to those in need.



  • Shianne Gartner
  • Christine Heyhurst
  • Linda Nelson
  • Barbara North
  • Georgia Robinson
  • Sabine Schiefen
  • Lois Wightman

L-R: Shianne Gartner, Georgia Robinson, Christine Heyhurst


Celebrating 45 & 30 Years

  • Gail Johnson (45 years)
  • Judy Ambler
  • Donna Hanoski
  • Guy Johnston
  • Douglas Sawchuk
  • Lois Webb


Lois Webb and Guy Johnston


Celebrating 25 Years

  • Vivian Christenson
  • Wendy Filewich
  • Gloria Filip
  • Janice Gill
  • Carla Kelly
  • Catherine Kreamer
  • Tammy Rennie
  • Carolina Wood

L-R: Gloria Filip, Catherine Kreamer, Mary Anne Brager, and Wendy Filewich


Celebrating 20 Years

  • Bev Carter
  • Kathleen Ireland
  • Cindy Katchur
  • Patricia Kerr
  • Maxine Knudson
  • Audrey Nielsen
  • Brian Stang
  • Donna Walker

L-R: Cindy Katchur, Audrey Nielsen, Brian Stang


Celebrating 15 Years

  • Debra Adrian
  • Carla Beck
  • Carol Jardine
  • Camille Laurin
  • Angela Lorente
  • Allison More
  • Connie Peterson
  • Jacqueline Pickard
  • Brenda Rosland
  • Corrine Sanderson
  • Brenda Wold

L-R: Debra Adrian, Corrine Sanderson, Brenda Wold, Carol Jenkins