Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is part of our In-House Education program. If you are looking for provincial educational opportunities (part of Rosehaven Provincial Program), please see Outreach Education.

Like most employers today we have been faced with the increasingly difficult task of recruiting staff who would be suitable for any of our various sites, especially Health Care Aides. This situation has been compounded with the increasing amount of orientation, education, training, and staff development that will be needed to aid with staff retention and to be compliant with an increasing list of regulations such as Standards, Accreditation, Continuing Care Desk Top Learning, etc.

Given these challenges, The Bethany Group decided to form its own in-house education and training centre. Education labs and classrooms are available on the first floor of the Rosehaven building and arrangements have been made with NorQuest College to conduct HCA training with our own forces under their certification.

In addition, the Learning Centre will give staff the opportunity to continue with their own personal education goals and will offer such courses as Supportive Pathways, Medication Administration and Dementia Workshops.

Through this new area of development The Bethany Group will maintain a qualified and well-trained staff that are well versed in our Values and Mission, all Standards, and the Relationship Model.

Contact Information
For information about our Learning Centre and the opportunities it offers, please contact:

Jillian Moores
Education Assistant
The Bethany Group
4612 53 Street
Camrose AB T4V 1Y6
Telephone: 780-679-2012
Fax: 780-679-2001
Email: educ.cam@bethanygrp.ca