Governing Board & Senior Leadership

The Bethany Group Governing Board sets the direction and vision of the organization. Its role is to provide leadership for the organization through a model of governance, which distinguishes its unique job from that of management. The Governing Board continually scans the spiritual, cultural, economic, and political environment in which The Bethany Group operates.

Members of the Governing Board consist of volunteers from in and around the community of Camrose.

The current Governing Board Members are:

  • Odell Olson, Chair 
  • Rev. Rick Laurendeau, Vice Chair 
  • Brenda Bohmer
  • Alan Ford
  • Janet Forth, Board Secretary 
  • Peter Miller
  • Warren Phillips,
  • Ina Nielson
  • Jim Rasmussen,
  • David Samm
  • Rev. Calvin Skriver
  • Melodie Stol

 In 2012, The Board of Governors set new Vision, Mission, & Values for The Bethany Group:

Our vision is an enhanced quality of life for vulnerable people.

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of the people we serve.

We believe that all people we serve deserve to be treated with dignity and respect in an atmosphere of holistic care, cooperation, and integrity working from a Christian foundation that reflects God’s love and caring.

The Bethany Lifestyle: We encourage a friendly and inviting culture where everyone is secure and their needs are respected.


Contact Information

Should you need to contact any member of the Governing Board, please direct your correspondence as follows:

The Bethany Group
4612 53 Street
Camrose AB T4V 1Y6
Attention: Administrative Assistant to the Board

or call 780-679-2023

Senior Leadership

Chief Executive Officer
Mike Leathwood is the Governing Board’s only employee and is given the authority, the responsibility and the accountability for managing the organization.  He also oversees Human Resources, Corporate Strategies, Social Housing, Life Lease, Independent Living, Facility Services and new Project Development.

Director, Client Services - Health Care and Supportive Living
John Davis oversees the Rosehaven  Provincial Program, the Long Term Care program, the Designated Assisted Living program, the Home Care Program and the Seniors Lodge Program for clients served through The Bethany Group and our housing partners.

Director, Financial Services
Dave Buist is the Director of Financial Services and responsible for financial management, financial planning , reporting and analysis for The Bethany Group and our housing partners. He is also responsible for Information Technology Systems and Services for the Bethany Group.