Eligibility, Fees & Services



  • Senior citizens whose income is not sufficient to rent private sector accommodation and are functionally independent (with and without community-based services).
  • Based on a point-scoring system set by the Government of Alberta.
  • Determined after completion of an Application for Accommodation, a Medical Information Form, and a personal interview.
  • Placement on an eligibility list is determined by need rather than date of application.

Fees & Services

Fees & Services


Rent in seniors self-contained apartments is based on a rent-geared to income (RGI) formula. This means that rent is based on a percentage of the tenants adjusted income. In the case of a couple or two persons sharing a seniors self-contained apartment, the rent is based on the combined incomes of both. Rent is calculated at 30% of total gross income from all sources (i.e. pensions, investment income, etc.) with a maximum rate approved by the Governing Board (subject to review).

Heat, water, sewer, and garbage removal charges are included in the rent.

Electricity, telephone, parking, and cable TV charges are the responsibility of the tenant.


Seniors self-contained apartments are operated very much like private rentals. For example, staff are not on duty 24-hours a day. However tenants have access to staff for emergency situations, such as loss of heat or electricity, or plumbing problems, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Most of the subsidized apartment living facilities managed by The Bethany Group have the following services:

  • private suites;
  • maintenance;
  • security;
  • elevators;
  • laundry facilities;
  • lounge and hobby areas; and,
  • on-site hairdresser (select locations).