Eligibility, Fees & Services


All applications are rated according to a provincial priority rating system based on five areas:

  • income;
  • risk in current housing situation;
  • degree of independence;
  • housing needs; and,
  • special circumstances.

Those who have the most significant need, as evaluated by the rating system, will go to the top of the waiting list.


Lodge rates are set by the local management body and may vary between different areas of the province.

Protection for low-income seniors is established by regulation under the Alberta Housing Act. To protect lower-income residents, management bodies must ensure that each senior resident 65+ years of age is left with at least $315/month in disposable (after tax) income to spend on personal needs after paying his/her monthly basic lodge rate.

The provincial and federal governments provide income support programs to assist low-to-moderate income residents. Additional information on these programs is available by calling Alberta Supports toll free at 1-877-644-9992 or visiting www.programs.alberta.ca.


Each lodge offers the following services:

  • basic room furnishings (if required);
  • weekly housekeeping, including laundering of towels and linens;
  • three meals per day and daily snacks;
  • building security;
  • 24-hour non-medical staffing;
  • access to community-based services;
  • laundry room for residents; and,
  • opportunities for life enriching activities to enhance physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual well-being.