About Life Lease

Residents purchase the exclusive right to occupy an apartment for the rest of their lives. After paying an initial life-lease payment, monthly fees will pay for the operation and maintenance of the building, as well as amenities.

The Bethany Group will register a mortgage for each purchaser to fully protect their interests and security. If a resident requires a higher level of care than can be offered at Brookside, The Bethany Group will work with them to find a more appropriate home.

The full value of the life-lease payment will be returned within a set time frame when the life-lease interest is relinquished.

For more information about what Life-Lease is, please visit the Life Lease Housing Resource Guide put out by the Government of Ontario.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the life-lease apartments for sale?
No, the apartments are not sold as condominium units. Older adults have said they would prefer not to have the daily responsibilities of ownership or the worry of having to sell when they can no longer live there.

Are pets allowed?
Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in our life-lease and residential buildings.

Can I smoke in my apartment?
All our buildings are smoke-free.

Is there a waiting list?
Hillside Village, and Lakeside Village have waiting lists but have options available. Brookside still has apartments available.

Are my personal belongings covered under the managements insurance coverage?
All tenants are responsible for insuring their personal possessions and for having liability insurance.