The Bethany Group offers both in-house education to employees, as well as Outreach Education to staff in the continuing care system as part of the Rosehaven Provincial Program.

Staff can access e-learning modules and track their progress through The Learning Centre

The Rosehaven Provincial Program is a resource available across the province for individuals working in continuing care. If you are looking for information about courses, webinarsself-study modules, or PIECES training, please go to Outreach Education.

Education is an important aspect of the organization's services and programs. Acting as a resource for both internal and external staff encourages the competency and development of those working in health.

Please see our 2019 Education Annual Report for more information.

  • Educators

    Meet the talented and dedicated people who make up our Education Team.

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  • Outreach Education

    Part of the Rosehaven Provincial Program, Education Outreach provides no-fee education sessions for staff in all three streams of the Continuing Care System.

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