Vaccines Information

Alberta Vaccine Rollout & The Bethany Group

As the vaccine rollout in Alberta continues, additional doses of the two approved vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna) will be distributed across all areas of the province to residents and staff in long term care and designated supportive living facilities.

Several of our sites have been notified to start receiving the vaccine. 

We have a staff member already trained on giving the vaccine who will be administering the shots to residents and staff onsite. An additional three staff members are undergoing training and will start administering the vaccine as well at our sites.

Our Recommendation on Getting the Vaccine

While the vaccine is not mandatory, Senior Leadership encourages staff members to accept the vaccine when it is offered to protect themselves, their families and loved ones, their co-workers, and our residents.

Guidelines after Vaccination

It is important to remember that until an individual receives both doses of the vaccine they are not considered immunized.

Current measures and Orders remain in place:

  • Continuous masking and wearing appropriate PPE is required regardless of whether or not staff have received the vaccine
  • Physical distancing guidelines remain in place
  • Hand hygiene is still important and should be practiced at all times (regardless of COVID-19)


Alberta Health Services has an excellent Vaccine - COVID-19 site that provides more information regarding the vaccines and the schedule/phases. Below we have included the rollout schedule for our sites so far and will update as we get more information.

You may also wish to view our  FAQ on the Pfizer-BioNTech & Moderna Vaccines and this Fact Sheet from Alberta Health Services.