October 25, 2021  CMOH Order 49:

As per the Chief Medical Officer of Health's Order 49-2021:

  • All persons must continuously wear a facemask when on site, unless there is a significant communication barrier 

Effective July 31, 2021 amendments to the Orders affecting our care and lodge sites will be implemented. For more information, please see below or visit the Government of Alberta website.

Recreational Activities

Limitations on recreational activities have been removed except for a few things.

  • All musical and other performances may be resumed. Performers who are singing must wear a mask in indoor common areas.
  • Individuals and groups who may be in close contact with residents should be vaccinated or wear a mask at all times. Unvaccinated individuals who are providing recreational activity should maintain physical distancing from residents, staff, and other individuals.

Residents Leaving Site

There are no more provincial restrictions on residents leaving and returning to the site.

  • Residents are no longer required to be screened when returning to the building.
  • Residents do not need to quarantine if they have gone off-site.

Safe Visiting Practices

The Safe Visitation Order will be rescinded, as well as The Bethany Group’s Policy & Procedure on Safe Visiting,  meaning that our sites are open to resident visits from everyone. Anyone, regardless of whether or not they are a Designated Support Person can now visit their loved one both inside and outside.

While visitation is open, we still must follow some procedures:

  • All individuals visiting the site must still undergo the Health Screening Process before visiting. Temperature checks are no longer part of the screening process.
  • Visitors to the site must wear masks.
  • Visitors may not remove their mask when in a resident’s room or the assigned visiting space unless there is a significant communication barrier.
  • If anyone shows symptoms during the visit, stop close contact and inform staff immediately.
  • Visiting hours may be in place and are determined by the site for the safety and security of residents and staff. Please discuss with the Access Liaison or the Manager regarding any limitations on visiting times.

Guest Dining

  • At this time, some our sites may not be able to accommodate guests at meal times. This is due to limited space to ensure physical distancing between other residents and guests. Please discuss guests at meals with the Manager or his/her Designate.

Atrium (between Rosehaven/Louise Jensen/Heritage Building)

  • Due to the Single Site Worker Order still in place, family visits or functions in the shared atrium space is not allowed. This space is reserved for Rosehaven residents as their dining space is located in the atrium.