Eligibility, Fees & Services


Admission is determined by the Alberta Health Services based on health, residential, and personal care needs. Considerations for eligibility are that:

  • you meet the criteria for the Continuing Care Program;
  • you require skilled daily care and professional nursing assessment; and,
  • this is the most appropriate housing and care setting available.

Fees & Services

Rates Sheet

Residents pay an accommodation fee set by the Government of Alberta. As part of the fee, residents receive the following services:

  • meals and meal service;
  • laundering of towels and linens;
  • housekeeping;
  • social and leisure activities;
  • utilities; and,
  • routine maintenance.

The provincial and federal governments provide income support programs to assist low-to-moderate income residents. Additional information on these programs is available by calling Alberta Supports toll free at 1-877-644-9992. Please visit Alberta Seniors Benefit Program for more information.

 Funded Care

Alberta Health Services funds the following health and care support:

  • nursing;
  • personal care services;
  • recreational therapy;
  • physiotherapy and occupational therapy;
  • medications and medical-surgical supplies; and,
  • ambulance transportation for prescribed medical services.