Continuing Care

The Bethany Group offers a wide range of programs and services which provide quality care, comfort and support to our clients.

Placement in our Long Term Care and Designated Supportive Living facilities is through Alberta Health Services' Home Care. We also encourage you to visit for comprehensive information and links regarding Alberta's Health services and programs.

For more information about the Continuing Care system, please watch this video from Alberta Health Services - Continuing Care for Albertans

Accommodation fees in Alberta are $72.35 per day or $2201.00 per month for a private room. The accommodation charge is the monthly amount you currently pay for the accommodation related services such as meals, housekeeping, utilities, and routine building maintenance. This increase will help to maintain accommodations and accommodation services.

The maximum accommodation charge is normally increased on July 1, based on the Alberta Consumer Price Index (CPI). This year’s increase is 5.5% based on the 12-month period ending February 28, 2022. Given the impact of high inflation on this increase amount as well as the impact that the pandemic has had on continuing care residents, the Government of Alberta chose to delay the increase by four months and to reduce the amount of the increase for residents. Therefore, although the CPI increase is 5.5%, residents will only be charged an increase of 3.2% in accommodation fees and the Government will subsidize operators, such as The Bethany Group, the remaining 2.3% from November 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023.

The new charges are:

Room Type Daily Adjustment Avg. Monthly Adjustment
Private Room $72.35 $2.25/Day $2,201 $69/mo.

If you have any questions or concerns with accommodation fees or these changes please feel free to discuss with your site Manager or call the Alberta Supports Contact Centre toll-free at 1-877-644-9992 or at 780-644-9992 for information on income support programs such as the Alberta Seniors Benefit program.

The Bethany Group's Continuing Care programs and services include:

  • Long Term Care

    Long term care facilities are designed specifically for individuals with complex, unpredictable medical needs who require 24-hour onsite Registered Nurse assessment and/or treatment.

    Long term care spaces are intended for individuals whose care cannot be safely provided in their own home or in supportive living.

    Long term care may be right for you if you have:

    • Serious changes in health status requiring immediate health professional assessment
    • A need for medication management and other treatments
    • Conditions requiring the continued presence of a Registered Nurse and the consultative availability of rehabilitation or dietary professionals
    • Unpredictable or unstable behaviour that places the individual or others at risk
    • Complex end of life care needs

    All direct and consultative healthcare services are provided on site, including physician visits.

    Registered Nurses supervise your care. Professional nursing services may be provided by Licensed Practical Nurses. There is 24-hour onsite (unscheduled and scheduled) personal care and support provided by Health Care Aides. Other healthcare professionals are available depending on your assessed needs.


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  • Designated Supportive Living

    Designated Supportive Living (DSL) is an option for individuals and couples providing personal living space and personal care, while maintaining their connections with family, friends, and community.

    Under Designated Supportive Living there are three streams of care depending on the needs of the individual: DSL3, DSL4 and DSL 4D.

    Designated Supportive Living 3 (DSL3)

    DSL3 provides a home setting environment with accommodation, meals, housekeeping, linen and recreational services. Health care services are provided on a scheduled basis but can also be accessed when needed. DSL3 is intended for individuals who are medically and physically stable. They may be living with physical disability, mental health diagnoses, or mild dementia with no known risk of wandering, and are not a risk to themselves or others. Health Care Aides provide 24 hours onsite support, personal care, and medication assistance. Depending on the needs of the individual, scheduled professional care (nursing, rehabilitation therapy, etc) is provided through Home Care and coordinated by your Case Manager.

    Designated Supportive Living 4/4D (DSL 4/4D)

    DSL 4 provides a home setting environment with a higher level of personal care supports and health care services onsite for scheduled and unscheduled care needs according to the Care Plan. Individuals may require chronic disease management and assistance with meals (including tube feeds), mechanical lift transfers, and medication assistance/administration. DSL 4D provides specialized dementia care. It is intended for individuals with moderate to severe dementia who may have a high risk of wandering and require a secure environment. Health Care Aides provide 24 hour onsite support, personal care, and medication assistance. An LPN is also available onsite 24 hours a day.

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  • Crossroads Day Program

    Available in Camrose and Wetaskiwin, the Crossroads Day Program is a service for people in the community who need support and assistance to maintain their independent living situation.

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  • Community Home Care

    An agency home care program is available to lodge residents, as well as residents in the communities surrounding Bashaw and in the City of Wetaskiwin.

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