Rent Assistance Benefit

Update April 1, 2021

The Government of Alberta has redesigned its Rent Supplement Program to meet the needs of more Albertans, including working families and those most in need.

Starting April 1st, we are accepting  applications for the Rent Assistance Benefit .  Formerly, the Direct to Tenant Rent Supplement, this long-term benefit will continue to subsidize low income Albertans.

For more information, please visit the government’s website or see the links below.


Eligibility criteria is set by Alberta Government and based on a provincial point-scoring criteria to ensure assistance is provided to those most in need.

To qualify, applicants must be Canadian Citizens, independent landed immigrants, or government sponsored landed immigrants. Assets and belongings cannot exceed $25,000.

The program is open to people who are renting a legal suite (e.g. apartment, duplex, townhouse).


Applicants must provide verification of their current income and proof of their rent (i.e. lease agreement). You will be placed on a waiting list based on priority of need – those with the greatest need are offered the next available rent supplement.

For more information or to apply, please see the contacts below.


Camrose Service Centre
4612 - 53 Street
Camrose, AB  T4V 1Y6
Tel:     780-679-2002
Fax:   780-679-3054

Lacombe Service Centre
4622 C&E Trail
Lacombe, AB  T4L 1M9
Tel:    403-782-4118
Fax:   403-782-4119

Wetaskiwin Service Centre (includes Millet)
300, 4501 - 60 Street
Wetaskiwin, AB  T9A 1X7
Tel:     780-352-4435
Fax:   780-352-4458