The Bethany Group is excited to announce that Carla Beck has been appointed CEO by The Bethany Group's Governing Board. Carla has worked as Interim CEO since February of 2021 and continues to lead the organization by embodying our mission of person-centered care to foster a safe and welcoming environment for residents, families, and staff.

Carla’s hands-on knowledge of how to create a caring community made her the natural selection to lead The Bethany Group through two cycles of Accreditation, the most recent in 2019 earning the organization Accreditation with Commendation.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Carla has been the lead for The Bethany Group’s response and continues to be a guiding light for the organization through the physical, emotional, and spiritual toll the pandemic has taken on staff, clients, and their families. Her inspirational leadership has helped The Bethany Group cope and thrive.

As The Bethany Group’s CEO, Carla is responsible for all of the Bethany Group’s operations, staffing, and facilities. Carla also leads the organization in the provision of CAO services to the Camrose & Area Lodge Authority, the Flagstaff Regional Housing Group, the Lacombe Foundation, the Parkland Foundation, and the Wetaskiwin & Area Lodge Authority.

Please join us in congratulating Carla for both her new role, and her decades of continuing service to The Bethany Group.