Today is Alberta Health Care Aide Day, a day to celebrate Health Care Aides and all they do!

Today, and every day, The Bethany Group wishes to thank each and every Health Care Aide for your ongoing dedication to our mission of providing person-centered service that builds a caring community, connects people, and makes a positive difference in each person’s life through the provision of Health, Housing and Supportive Living services. 

Did You Know…

Who are HCAs and what role do they have within the healthcare team?

Health Care Aides (HCAs) are important and respected members of Alberta’s frontline healthcare and an important part of helping Albertans receive quality, person-centred care. HCAs contribute in many ways to patient care including:

  • Delivery of basic health services
  • Acute and Continuing Care (home care, supportive living, long term care)
  • Assistance and support with activities of daily living for clients with medical conditions or functional limitations
  • HCAs make up the largest occupational group in continuing care and the second largest occupational group of healthcare in Alberta.
  • HCAs provide the majority of direct care within the continuing care sector, and are active contributors to other parts of the healthcare system.


Info from: HCA-Day-Fact-Sheet_Generic.pdf (