It was a morning of laughter, gratitude, and comradery on April 10th as around 150 Bethany volunteers gathered for a brunch served by recreation therapy staff.

The Bethany Group relies on its staff and volunteers to enhance the quality of lives of its seniors. Volunteers play an important role in many ways, from providing friendship, entertainment, assistance in the way of portering to activities, and quite often simply being a companion - just to name a few.

It is only fitting that for one day, they should be recognized and served as they do so much for us. With host, Amelia Keech, Recreation Therapist, regaling the audience with witty jokes and thanks for their service, volunteers were treated to entertainment and brunch.

The morning was made even more special with personal thanks from many of the residents. These video clips were played as part of a slideshow. The volunteers were also thanked by Board Chair, Dr. Odell Olson, and Carla Beck, Director of Health Services (who spoke on behalf of the CEO).

It’s our volunteers’ willingness to give and their infectious smiles that lighten up the lives of both residents and staff – and we want to send our heartfelt and sincere thanks to all of them.