As you are aware, there is global preparation and containment measures being taken around the COVID-19 virus. With the situation changing on a daily basis we wanted to make sure we made the best decisions possible given the right information.

We have created a page on our website to keep everyone up-to-date with actions and precautions we are taking. Please visit our COVID-19 page for more information.

Bethany Nursing Home of Camrose (operating as The Bethany Group) is a public, not-for-profit, organization providing health care and housing services to over 2,600 households in 28 communities throughout Central Alberta.

Originally established in 1922 by the Lutheran Church to operate a home for the aged in Bawlf, Alberta, the organization today operates pursuant to the Bethany Nursing Home and Auxiliary Hospitals Act, as well as a Public Housing Management Body pursuant to the Alberta Housing Act. The Bethany Group is driven by the people who work and volunteer for the organization to make the lives of the people they serve better. It also continues to honour its faith-based roots and provide a wholistic approach to caring for its clients.

As a non-profit, all funding and monies are put towards the services and programs it operates. The Bethany Group invests its resources to improve the lives of its clients. As well, it places importance on building relationships, not just with its clients but with similar organizations. Working with its partners allows all organizations to pool resources and better respond to changing directions of government and community needs.

Our vision is an enhanced quality of life for vulnerable people.

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of the people we serve.

We believe that all people we serve deserve to be treated with dignity and respect in an atmosphere of holistic care, cooperation, and integrity working from a Christian foundation that reflects God’s love and caring.

For more information, please explore our website or download our brochure, which includes information about our services, programs, and contact information for our service centres and facilities. You may also wish to see our Publications page.

To see where The Bethany Group supports healthy, vibrant communities through health and housing services, please see the map below.