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Bethany Group

Rosehaven Provincial Program

The Rosehaven Provincial Program was operated directly by Alberta Health from 1952 until 1992, when responsibility was transferred to The Bethany Group. The Rosehaven Provincial Program was designated a “provincial resource to the continuing care system”.

The Rosehaven Provincial Program provides specialized outreach and inpatient services to support people who have behaviours that are difficult to manage in their current settings.  These services are available to anyone who is receiving, or is eligible to receive, continuing care services in the Home Living, Supportive Living, and Facility Living streams, anywhere in the province.

These settings generally do not have the capacity or the trained staff to handle difficult behaviours.

The program is based in Camrose and has a highly trained interdisciplinary team who deliver support throughout the three services:

The overall goal is to assist continuing care health providers to manage the behaviours within the current care settings.

If people are assessed as needing the support of the In-House treatment program, it is the intent that they will be able to return back to their home community within the shortest time possible.

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Clinical Outreach

Clinical Outreach provides consultative services to continuing care providers of individuals displaying challenging behaviours.  This service may include assessment, recommendations and support for the health care team.  Although Clinical Outreach strives to enable individuals to remain in their own community, referral for admission may be made if the on-site team continues to have difficulty managing the individual's behaviours.

Contact Information

For more information please contact:

Outreach Administrative Support
Phone: 780-679-3006

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Education Outreach

Education Outreach provides no-fee education sessions for staff in all three streams of the Continuing Care System. Thirty-five modules have been developed for face-to-face and/or telehealth.  Examples include: ABCs of Behaviour Management, Common Forms of Dementia, Creating a Therapeutic Relationship, Depression in the Elderly, Retrogenesis and Schizophrenia. Several Modules have been developed in a self study format.

In recognition of the need for education for regulated health care professionals and the need for supporting transfer of knowledge, the P.I.E.C.E.S program, developed in Ontario, was modified to better fit within the Alberta context. 

For additional information, please see our Outreach Education section or download a copy of the education brochure.

Contact Information

For more information please contact:

Outreach Administrative Support
Phone: 780-679-3006


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In-House Program

The interdisciplinary team conducts holistic assessments recognizing physical, intellectual, emotional/spiritual, capabilities, enviromental and social realms. Interventions based on the assessment aim to implement a creative and individualized approach to alleviate symptoms of disease and accompanying behaviours. When the individual is identified as eligible for discharge the Regional Placement Coordinator is contacted to facilitate return of the client to their home community. A Rosehaven team member accompanies the individual to the receiving organization and provides an overview of the careplan. Telephone follow-up is conducted by a Rosehaven team member following discharge at one week, one month, three month and six month intervals. The individual will have a priority re-admit to the Rosehaven program if difficulties arise.

Admission Criteria
For admission an individual:

For admission a referring site:

An individual will not be admitted if they:

The client pays the set accommodation fee which includes medications and personal care supplies as identified by Alberta Health Services Continuing Care Standards.

If required, subsidies are available through the enhanced Alberta Seniors Benefit or through AISH (Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped)

Care Team

The interdisciplinary care team consists of:





Medical Service




Occupational Therapy

Recreational Therapy

Pastoral Care

Social Work

Service provision by the interdisciplinary team includes opportunities to collaborate with continuing care providers throughout Alberta.

Contact Information

For more information please contact:

Resident Care Manager
Phone: 780-679-3040

A copy of the brochure about the In-House Program is available.

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